What’s The Best Camera For YouTube?

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Camera For YouTube is, then I’d recommend the Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR as the best one.

Cameras come in various specs and make. All for different purposes. Thus getting the right camera for the right kind of event (or purpose), would go a long way in enhancing the quality and the meaning (or the message) of the picture.

The truth is this, you can only get quality photos from a quality camera. And you would need the best camera for YouTube if you want picture clarity and quality.

Making short clips for YouTube means you have to get the best equipment to achieve success in your vlogging career. And since you’re going to be shooting videos, then you would need to get cameras with good audio features as well.

Top 5 Best Camera For YouTube – reviews

1. Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR

For those who like to post pictures and videos immediately, you take them, then this camera is perfect for you. Thanks to its Wi-Fi feature, this camera allows its users to be able to send and collect files from the internet and other sources with absolute ease.

Its 24.2MP CMOS sensors let you take gorgeous photos and videos. Its good light metering system means you get a well-exposed video. It automatically adjusts to the scene for optimal results, and the lighting doesn’t matter.

Its wireless connectivity also allows you to connect to printers, smartphones, and even PCs, with great ease. All thanks to the NFC2 and the Wi-Fi1 feature.

It shoots very clear HD films for your YouTube channel The focusing is slow when shooting on HD
The Hybrid CMOS autofocus gives this camera an accurate focus while shooting
It has a touchscreen you can view your work with

2. Canon EOS REBEL T7i

The REBEL T7i is a camera that lets you capture precious and unforgettable memories. without lagging in time, from what you see to what you capture, as soon as you press that shutter.

It also has a phase-detection feature. That lets you lock focus on what you’re filming or shooting so that you don’t end up losing a good shot.

The ISO (which is up to 25600) lets you can capture both photos and videos even in low light, and still not get a blur.

The inbuilt wireless connectivity (such as Bluetooth4, Wi-Fi2, and the NFC3) allows you to share pictures and videos with so much ease.

Its dual Pixel autofocus lets you take clear photos This camera is kind of large to carry
It has a DIGIC 7 image processor that also gives you a clear picture

3. Sony a7 III

This Sony camera is another camera you might want to consider when finding a good camera for YouTube. It has excellent capture control, and the quality of photos it produces is something to marvel at.

Its 24.2 Megapixel feature allows it to take clear and quality images. Its BSI image processing feature also does a lot in making the picture come out clear.

It has a hybrid autofocus feature. And can then take quick and wide photos. With no difference from what you see to what you capture when you press the shutter.

It has a 5-steps in-body photo stabilization It does not have any wireless feature that connects it to other devices
It comes with two SD card slot, so you can save as many videos as you want
It has a long lasting battery


The Panasonic camera is a mirrorless camera. And an excellent recommendation for those who want to shoot videos for their YouTube channel.

With an interchangeable camera lens, you can fit the kind of lens you want into this camera that can give you a quality photo.

It comes with ports for both headphones and USBs so that you can listen to your video while shooting. As well as transfer your files to a computer at ease.

This camera comes with other accessories such as; the USB connection cable, a shoulder strap, an AC cable, and an owner’s manual (amongst other things).

Its 20.3MP gives you a clear picture Its cost is on the high side
It comes with many accessories for your benefit It does not have any wireless connection
A dual SD card slot

4. Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera

This camera is a standard camera with a standard lens. And a Digic 5+ image processor, that ensures that the resolution of the image is high. It also has a top-notch low-light sensitivity, allowing you to shoot your videos in dark spaces.

Since the processor and the sensor in the camera work together, you get a well-detailed and clear photo. That shows the natural tone and color gradation of the video, without having so much noise on your video.

The 3” touchscreen, allows you to see your work and make corrections on the video, as soon as you see the problem. The autofocus also helps to clear out the blurriness video while filming.

It has a Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus This product can’t ship out to some countries
It comes with a DIGIC 5+ image processor that clears image up fast
It has several scenes and imaging features that you can choose from

Before Getting This Camera

Before you get a product, you have to make a personal evaluation of the things you want the item to be able to do. You would also consider your budget and how much you can spend.

So I’ll be sharing some things you will need to consider before you go out shopping for a YouTube camera

1. Budget

If you are not so big on shopping, you should know that you need a reasonable budget for an ideal Youtube camera. Usually, the prices of the camera differ depending on the kind of camera you want to get. Thus you would have to narrow down your options. From regular to the professional-grade camera, choosing the camera that can fit into your budget.

Budgeting is the best way to get your priorities straight. You could, thus, set your preference, with a camera ranging as first, (depending on the gravity of your need of course). With a budget, you can know how your money is spent, and where the bulk of it goes to. So you can cut it down to add up to your camera expenses.

2. Also, consider the kind of video you’ll be shooting

The types of video you’ll be shooting will affect your judgment, in getting the right kind of camera. There are a variety of cameras that have good resolution and video quality. But you will need a camera that is both good and affordable (a DSLR is a good option).

For instance, if you’re shooting a skit outside, the best kind of camera is the one that has quality lighting. These kinds of cameras are right for shooting sports clips, or wedding videography. A smartphone camera is not always a bad idea. But if you want to use a smartphone camera, ensure it’s megapixel and video quality are top-notch. You will want to bear this in mind when you also want to shop for smartphones as well.

3. Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Wi-Fi feature is one essential thing to consider when you want to get a camera. Getting a camera with a Wi-Fi feature makes the work easy. With this feature, you can connect to the internet, and your smartphones, so that you can transfer your files.

4. Audio quality

Another thing to will want to look into is the audio quality of the camera. When you’re vlogging on YouTube, you want to produce a clear sound so people can hear what you are saying. Sometimes, getting an external mic might be the only way to ramp-up sound quality. You would also want to get other audio accessories if you want the audio quality to be professional.

Cameras like the DSLR, have a suitable microphone that can pick sounds well. But for the action camera, you’ll need an external microphone because they have terrible camera audio features.

5. Other things to consider

  • Autofocus
    Manually focusing on a shot while shooting can be burdensome. You’ll need a camera with an autofocus feature so your video quality will be clear.
  • A flip-out screen
    Although not so important, but a flip-out screen can come in handy for shooting a video. When you’re trying to film yourself, it is better that you keep the camera away from yourself. And you can still see what you’re doing by flipping the screen to face you.

Some Kinds Of Cameras That Are Perfect For YouTube

1. Mirrorless Camera

This camera is the rival to the DSLR camera (that we will consider next). And has most of the qualities you’ll need for shooting your video. They are versatile in quality and features, making them a good option for you.

2. The DSLR Camera

This camera is one of the most used cameras in the market, because of its versatility and its application. The applications of this camera are usually limitless (camera-wise). And has been recommended by many users. The camera is affordable and can be gotten at a cheap rate; meaning it can suit your budget.

3. Camcorders

These kinds of cameras are good for shooting home skits, and other types of indoor shooting.

4. Action and Sport Camera

These kinds of cameras are perfect for shooting sports clips from a first-person angle. This camera is the alternative to the mirrorless and DSLR cameras, as is it perfect for action films.

5. Mini-video cameras

You can also call this camera a pocket-camera, or a small camera (whatever you want to call it). This camera is perfect for shooting kid videos and concerts.

6. Smartphones cameras

Smartphone cameras are perfect for shooting short video clips. If you have a good phone, with a good camera, then you can shoot concise and clear videos, with quality sound, that you can use for your vlogging.

7. Point-and-shoot cameras

This camera is yet another camera that provides you with versatility in both quality and application. They are great for traveling purposes; they fit into your pocket. Thus, you don’t have to lug it around, like you would, a DSLR camera.

Final Words On Best Camera For YouTube

YouTube today is a lucrative venture. And you can make a lot from it, but that won’t be possible with low-grade equipment and picture quality.

It, thus, means that to make it in the YouTube world, not only your content has to be good, your audio and video quality has to be worth commenting on.

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR is the best camera in our list. For the simple reason that it has one of the best autofocus features. Its shutters are fast, so you don’t miss a great photo. Its image processing is top-notch. And it has a very high Megapixel, that gives you a clear photo, each time to take a picture.

With its enabled Wi-Fi, you can also send pictures online and to other devices.

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