Best Cameras For Instagram Photos

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Cameras For Instagrammers are, then I’d recommend the Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR as the best one.

Over the years, the use of social media has become more and more prevalent. With billions of users storming the internet with many photos on a daily basis. One of these social media platforms is Instagram. On Instagram, you can post some of your best pictures and videos.

You could use your smartphones to take and post photos for Instagram, and no one would mind. But because you could make a buck load from using Instagram, many users had to step up their games. And are now using mirrorless and DSLR cameras to make their picture quality top notch.

Best Cameras For Instagrammers Review

1. Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR

For gorgeous and breathtaking photos, you would want to consider using this camera. With all the features in place, you can take some fantastic pictures, at high speed and with ease as well.

Features like the 24.2 MP CMOS (APS-C) sensors, helps to make the photos well defined, very clear, with crisp and natural finishing.

Another feature you can rely on is the light-metering, which is of the updated version, letting your images well exposed and well detailed.

You could also shoot HD videos with detailed and defined features; yet another feature you can enjoy. Autofocus features that let you focus on your subject easily also come in handy.

It has a Wi-Fi and NFC2 feature for connectivity It doesn’t come with many accessories
An ISO ranging from 100-12,800 to suit any lighting condition
It also comes with a vari-angle touchscreen LCD screen

2. Sony Alpha a6500 Mirrorless Digital Camera

With an autofocus speed of 0.05 seconds, the Sony Alpha camera is one with one of the fastest autofocus in the world. And a good choice for persons who want to get cameras for their Instagramming.

It has the 5-axis optical lens for image stabilization. This feature is so reliable, especially when you’re taking motion photos.

Its lens quality is so good; you can take 4K videos with. And it means, thus, that, you can shoot professional videos with your little camera, which is not so little.

Its touchscreen LCD screen is very useful when you’re working and editing your videos and pictures. So by dragging your fingers to the motion you want, you’d be editing your photos.

It has a 4K movie feature that allows you to shoot good movies It doesn’t have any wireless connectivity
Its 5-axis stabilization, ensures your photos are not blurry
You can mount wide range lenses on this camera

3. Fujifilm X-T10 Mirrorless Digital Camera

For a camera with all the enhanced operable features you want, you might want to consider using the Fujifilm camera.

Its 920K-dot LCD screen that you can tilt comes in handy when you want to swipe through the pictures with high speed and edit them as well.

It also has a wide tracking mode, allowing it to track the subject it is locked on to until it has gotten the photo of the subject.

The AF feature on the camera ensures this tracking mode feature, that lets it stay focused on the subject

You can put the camera on auto-capture mode, and still get quality pictures.

The camera comes with a control mode, for better photography It does not have any wireless connectivity feature, making it hard to connect to
Its new autofocus system helps you to take a precise picture of the subject
It is a compact camera and lightweight, making it easy to use

4. Sony a7 III Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera

Looking for cameras that can take clear and precise pictures in the dark? You don’t have to search anymore; the Sony a7 III camera is something you can get without any regrets.

Its autofocus feature allows you not only to lock on a target and take quality photos of your subject, but it also tracks the subject (target), till you have taken a picture of the subject.

Its full-frame image sensor only means that you can take large photos. And the 24.2 MP sensor makes sure the full-frame image is clear, defined, and crisp. Not just that, but you can also shoot 4K videos with this piece of beauty.

It also comes with a lot of accessories you can use, to better the quality of your photos and videos. Plus, its accessories also ensure that the camera is protected.

It is a mirrorless camera, meaning picture quality will be off the charts Its price is a little on the high side
It comes with a lot of accessories
It has a very low base ISO of 50, which is good for your shooting pleasure

5. Nikon COOLPIX P1000

One of the amazing things about this camera that will blow your mind away is the 3000mm zoom. This zooming range is farther than some standard telephoto lenses.

With this kind of lenses, you can shoot far objects, like the moon, or even the international space station. The lens is so sharp; you could even see the other planetary bodies with it.

Its 4K HD videos are also something you can feast your mind on. This feature lets you take cool Ultra HD videos that will leave your viewers dazzled.

It also has this rock-steady stabilization for images that you cannot help but love. It is so steady that even the zoom does not affect it. Thus, it aids in stabilizing both vertical and horizontal movements.

Its zoom is off the chart, zooming beyond the level of a standard telephoto lens It does not have any form of connectivity, like Wi-Fi or NFC
Its 4K video feature and stereo sound makes the video top-notch
It has a smooth control ring; you can also use it for stabilizing focus

Things To Look Out For When Getting A Camera For Your Instagramming

For quality photos on Instagram, you would need a camera. Although using your smartphone can get you started. But, you would need to up your game if you want to leave a lasting impression on your Instagram followers. Thus, you would need to use a good digital or mirrorless camera.

But you don’t run off to the market and buy what you can lay your hands on. You would need to consider the specs of some of the following things;


When Instagramming, you are going to have to take pictures in virtually every place. and in all lighting conditions, so you would need to get a camera, with a high ranging ISO.

What the ISO does is to control the amount of light that goes into the lens. So, it does not add noise to the photo. The ISO to use is usually what’s appropriate for specific lighting conditions.

“One thing to understand is this; when a picture is lighted more than it should be by raising the ISO, you’ll begin to see grains and noise in the picture. “

For instance, you can use the ISO 100 in a lighted environment, but you can’t use that ISO in a dark situation, or you might end up having a dark picture. Thus, what you’ll need in a dark environment, say, like for indoor shooting (could be a club or your living room) would be a higher ISO than 100.

What the ISO does is that when the room is dark, it gathers a much light as it can for the lens so that it can brighten the picture (much like the pupil in the eye). So when you want to get a camera, and someone recommends one for you, look out for the ISO range.


The aperture also controls the amount of light that goes into the lens so you should also look out for that.

Lesson 101 for taking Instagram photos thus far is that you have to control the lighting in the camera, for you to have quality pictures.

Luckily, most modern cameras come with features you can use to control the light. Aperture is one of them and something you must look out for. Even when you’re shooting a video, that should be at the back of your mind.

Adjusting the aperture is beneficial to you in two significant ways;
First of all, it helps you to control the amount of light you want in your photo; by either increasing or decreasing the aperture hole.

Secondly, you have the ability also to control the depth of field.

What is the depth of field you might ask?

The depth of field is when a photo’s foreground is on focus and shape, while the background is out of focus and blurry.

When the aperture is wide open, then it gives the lens more amount of light. But it gives you a shallow depth of field, and this happens when the subject is in focus, leaving everything is out of focus.

When the aperture is smaller, the amount of light the lens receives is reduced and allows it to focus on a particular subject and background. The more the aperture closure, the more extreme the depth of field.

You also need to know that closure of the aperture will mean a readjustment of the ISO and shutter speed (which we are going to discuss next).

Aperture is good for Instagram because it allows you to display your artistic side. It follows, thus, that, if you want to get a camera or lens, also ensure that it has an aperture as low as f-1.4, (f-2) also works well.

Shutter Speed

The shutter speed is what has a direct correlation with the ISO. If you want to shoot quality videos and pictures, then you have also to consider this feature in your camera.

Again I’ll say when you’re looking for a camera; you’ll need to get on that is excellent with lighting control. Lighting is everything in a photo, thus, you would need to know how to control it.

Shutter speed also helps in controlling the light, but what it does is that it determines how fast the lens can shut while it lets in more light. This light control, thus the shutter speed, will help the photo remain crisper, not having any blurriness.

Final Words On Best Cameras For Instagram Photos

It’s not every day you get to shoot a good video or capture the best photos. But if you’re an Instagrammer, then you might want to think about that.

That being said, there are some cameras you can use not just to enhance your video and picture quality, but these cameras can also be used with tremendous ease.

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR is the best in our list for obvious reasons.

First of all, the camera comes with not just a Wi-Fi, but it also comes with an NFC2. Which means it has two modes of connectivity. And this feature is useful for Instagrammers, seeing as they can upload their photos and videos directly.

Other things that make this camera our favorite is that it is affordable, it is easy to use, its autofocus is off the chart (amongst others).

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