About Me


I named my site – because I am honest. Maybe too honest. Hi. I’m Leonardo Fiorentino.

I am a freelance video creator. I work for me ultimately. I do have some steady clients and always ready to take on more. My current clients like me because I’m honest, hard working and of course a perfectionist. I will not deliver any work that is not complete or to perfection. I set my project price and not by the hour – I know this makes my clients much happier.

I work mostly with nature and wildlife. I live next to one of the larges nature preserve and most of my filming I can do there or on my large property. I own all my own equipment. The other spectrum is I do corporate videos for fortune large companies. My my clients I will produce the entire videos since I have my own personal studio. For my clients I will do; sound, animation, movement, music, voice over and time lapse.

I will deliver all my work via the internet. I will not drive to your large corporate office and site in a fluorescent lite room with minimalist furniture that isn’t comfortable. It’s a waste of my time. Everything is digital – so you will receive it that way or I will mail you any files. All my projects are long term and I get filled up for months in advance. I do not do tern key quick turn around. This process does not work for me. Most of my project are delivered to me in an exact and precices script so to speak and I follow this.

For my personal work I am on the other end of the spectrum. Since I am so honest – the internet can be my worst enemy at times.

My personal work explores the relationship between us and the internet. You can look everything up on the internet. You can look me up! Just last night at the dinner table – we looked something up in the middle of the conversation. I was so simple to grab our phones and type a few words and in a matter of seconds – we had the answer. Remember when we looked things up in a book, or went to the library. Those beautiful days of going threw a process are over… long over. It made me realize that we have integrated the internet in our every conversation and simple mundane acts as sitting for dinner.

With influences from social media and I want to get back to the basics. Let’s use the internet to get real with ourselves, our environment and with the ones we love.

Knowing when to put the phone down and not being tapped in to … something that is endless. We have become so socially addicted to a devices that hold in our hands and yet we can look at it for hours and ‘connect’ with our friends. Is it really connecting when your typing out a conversation – is there deep meaning, is there love or respect… maybe. Hearing the voice on the other end and the intention – you instantly can hear love, respect, honor, warmth. Why are these feeling becoming less familiar. We are dulling our mind with being stuck in a digital way to communicate.

My family knows I would rather pick up the phone to talk or have someone over for dinner. The human connection is not replaceable and the moment you laugh – its as if time stands still for a moment and you remember why life is so amazing and pleasurable.

My Journey is sometimes a struggle – yet I look at the picture when it is still and quite. I don’t need the internet for this. Follow my journey as I work through my struggles and the quite times.