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If you have never been to Texas. It’s not like any other state.Living in Texas and not being able to relate at all to deep culture. It is very interesting and you have to respect how Texas was formed. When People hear I’m from Texas – I get stereo typed into a ‘cowboy’ or a ‘good ol’ boy’. I’m far from that.

There are so many icons or things that remind you of only Texas: Long horn cow, cowboy boots, cowboys, the Alamo, Cow hide, Ronald Reagan.

Texas has mystique and a vibe all on its own.  Here is a great video to sum up Texas. We are not all cowboys. If you want to know more about Texas History my suggestion is to visit a my favorite museum is Texas Memorial Museum.
This video is great – it really goes into the history of Texas. Which has alot to do with Texas current culture and how Texas is what it is today. Texas is proud and you can tell by the people that have lived here for generations.

I did not shoot this video. This is my type of style of shooting. Imagine all the long days out on the range hauling equiptment and setting up camera and sound.



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