My Work

Working behind the camera

I’ve got an expansive portfolio of my work. It ranges from the outdoors nature shots to corporate animated videos. I’ve outlined my resume below and some of my hi-lighted work to this day.

Nature Videos

I will go out and shoot for days out in nature. You can pick the location. I have all the gear and equipment to be set up for weeks and shoot in any weather condition. I do this alone and do not require extra staff or assistance.

Corporate Videos

I have a vast amount of experience shooting and creating video for the corporate envirment: Video Creation, Nature Video, Video Editing, Testimonies Video, Marketing Video, Internal How-To, Online Marketing Video. I have a sound studio, editing equiptment, 3d software and will do it all in house.

Some of the Clients

Syngenta : Creating In House Explanation videos for employee training. To be used for all Syngenta locations in the world. Each training video is approx 45 minutes long. Guided by an script and narration. Some of the Models and scenes were recreated in 3-d and animated.

Ramalho & Company : Video testimonies of clients that use the project. On location video and interview. Editing testimonials. Created original music.

Nature Observation for Texas : I got out and shoot days at a time. This type of work is not for the weak at hear or someone that does not love nature. I have shot video outside under all types of weather conditions. Rain or blazing hot Texas summer. I’ve got the job done. Which included editing and Extremely close and precise sound.


I book several months in advance since most of my projects take from a few weeks to a few months. I like to be honest and tell you when I’m available. Please contact me to see when you can book a job with me. Please fee free to contact me for Video Work


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