Creative & Affordable Oak Hill Wedding Videography

WELCOME to Oak Hill Wedding Videographer! We  serve Williamson, Kincheonville, Sunset Valley, Barton Creek, Lost Creek, Tanglewood Forest, Ford Oaks, Vinson, Shady Hollow, Rollingwood, and all points in between.

An Honest Tune can produce virtually any video production you might need! Weddings, special events, and business or corporate videos are our specialties! Whether your need is a TV commercial or training video, or you are planning a wedding or other special event, such as a dance recital, sporting event, or anniversary party, Strength Star video can provide you with the highest quality video, all at a price you can afford.

Wedding Videographer in Oak Hill Texas

Our 20 years of video production experience guarantees that you will receive the finest quality and service. We can also handle all of your video duplication needs, whether you need 1 or 1000 copies!

Strength Star Video also specializes in “rescuing” important video memories, such as your  wedding that your “Uncle Joe” shot with his home camcorder. We can edit any special video, and add graphics, titles, and other beautiful special effects.

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Budget Oak Hill Event Videographer

Because the idea of videotaping a wedding was still a new concept, it was impossible to get enough work to maintain a full time status. For this reason my wife and I held down full time jobs and operated our video business on weekends. My professional career has been broadcast radio and television. Our fulltime jobs took us to a number of different towns across the United States. Then, in 1992, we landed in Oak Hill, Texas. A quite little town only 75 miles southwest of Austin. Realizing that Oak Hill was geographically located in the middle of the Austin, Dallas and Houston markets, I decided to really go after the wedding business in these three areas. It wasn’t long before Strength Star Video, now Bridal Videos, was thriving in the wedding video industry.

Oak Hill Wedding Photography & Videography

In the mid to late nineties, the wedding video industry would under go a revolutionary change. All of a sudden, video was no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. Never again would video play second fiddle to photography. Brides began to realize the irreplaceable, priceless moments being caught on video with sound. The industry would under go another major change at the same time. Digital, DVD, Streaming Video and live web casting began to change the whole concept of wedding videos. It became apparent that in order to compete in this ever changing media, Strength Star Video had to find a way to become full time, and we did. In 2000, we reinvested in our company and purchased broadcast quality digital equipment capable of producing the best looking video possible. Our quality shows how emerging technology has changed the capabilities, and ultimately the role, of professional wedding videographers.

Today, we are 100% full time and fully digital using Sony DSR-300 cameras and we edit on a nonlinear computer system. We are fully DVD capable and can offer our final product in a number of different formats. We do not, as so many videographers do, produce odd jobs during the week to supplement our wedding business. We do weddings and that’s it! We will spend, on average, 25-30 hours editing each wedding we shoot. So, as you can see, in order to give our brides a video of a lifetime, we must give you all of our attention, and we do!

All of Our Oak Hill Packages Include:

Opening Graphics

We begin your video with special graphics including the names of the bride and groom, date, time and location of wedding. We then dissolve to an outside shot of the church or wedding location.

Wedding Ceremony Video

Multi-camera coverage captures the essence of your wedding service. We will use one camera near the bride and groom for close-up shots to be cherished forever. A second camera is positioned in the back of the church for full wide shots of the entire wedding party. Colors are rich and vibrant. Using wireless microphones, sounds are clear and preserved indefinitely.

Reception for your Texas wedding

Your reception celebrates the most important event in your life. The bride and groom’s arrival at the reception, the beautiful decorations, cutting of the cake, intimacy of the first dance, father-daughter dance, garter and bouquet toss, the music and the food. All of the planning, all of the details, are your personal signature.

Oak Hill Wedding Highlight Montage

A dramatic 5-8 minute story of the highlights of your wedding day including your ceremony and reception. This is artistry in slow motion set to the music of your choice with full closing credits, including the names of your entire wedding party.